Seller – Ruth Chartier ​

Dear Olya, Thank you for making the experience of selling my home in Dunwoody such a smooth, non-anxious and successful one. From the interview when we first met, it was obvious that you woul d be helpful, comfortable to work with and were very knowledgeable about the real estate market and how to sell a home. Compared to another interview I had with a competitor realtor, your approach reduced my anxiety while the other realtor increased it considerably.
Frankly, I had never sold a home on my own before–my husband had always done the lion’s share of the process. This was a daunting undertaking without his guidance and input. In hindsight, it all went so smoothly because you were on top of everything, explained everything and were so helpful in resolving any concern that arose. I asked a lot of questions but you never made me feel like I was bothering you and you were excellent at getting back to me quickly by phone and/or email.
When I moved to Pennsylvania and had to do everything long distance, you went the extra mile many times over to keep me informed, advise what next steps could be taken and, with your clear way of explaining the process every step of the way, helped me make informed decisions. I was dreading the idea of returning to Atlanta for the closing and was so relieved to learn I could give someone a power of attorney to represent me and did not need to make the trip. I knew immediately that I would like that person to be you because I trusted you and knew it would be professionally and efficiently handled, which it was. It was such a relief when you said yes without hesitation.
I have already recommended you to a couple of people in Dunwoody and Brookhaven who are thinking about selliing their homes down the road. I will continue to recommend you without hesitation.
Thank you, Olya.
It has been a blessing to work with you.
Sincerely, Ruth Chartier

— Ruth Chartier