Seller – Joseph Arruda Jr.

Dear Olya, I would like to take a moment to extend to you my appreciation for your extraordinary efforts on my behalf. The selling of my property in Marietta was a testament to your knowledge and thoroughness. The maintaining of a temperature in the home to prevent a freeze up in this most difficult winter, while I was away, I consider that to be above and beyond what is expected of a Realtor. You did it and I am grateful. Marietta regulations were other problems you handled with ease. It was a rewarding and educational experience on selling real estate and more so in the promptness, thoughtfulness and courtesy of the way you conduct yourself. The returned calls, many of which were long distance, the many questions promptly answered and the way you handled the whole scenario from start to finish simply amazed me. Thanks again for a job well done. Sincerely yours, Joseph Arruda Jr.

— Anonymous